Family of Faith



We are a faithful family of Christians in the Ames/Nevada area currently holding Sunday school and worship services in the 
Bacon Funeral Home at 1418 Fawcett Parkway in Nevada, Iowa

Worship Service, led by Pastor Scott Milsom, is on Sundays at 10:30am with a time of fellowship immediately after.

Sunday School is at 9:15am.




We invite you to come check us out, you will be glad you did.



From Our Pastor's Desk

   What in the world is going on here? It seems like everywhere we turn – life is falling apart. The story is told about a father who was put in charge of watching his five year old son. With a briefcase full of work that he brought home he wondered how he was going to accomplish both? Looking at a stack of magazines on the table, he paged through the top one and found a picture of the world. Taking a pair of scissors he cut up the picture of the world into what seemed like a hundred pieces. Walking into the dining room he spread the “pieces to the newly made puzzle” on the table. Calling his son he showed him the pieces of the “puzzle of the world” and challenged him to see how long it would take him to put the pieces together. Then he went back to his chair, opened his briefcase and began his work. A half hour passed when his son shouted out, “Dad, come here – I’ve done it!” Surprised, he got up from his chair and went into the dining room. He looked on the table and saw a picture – not of the world but of a man. Confused the father asked what was going on. His son said,“putting the world together was too hard, so I flipped the pieces over and discovered the picture of a man. I thought if I could get the man together that the world would come out alright.”

Jesus had the same plan. He felt that the world would be alright if He could take care of one person at a time. Family of Faith Church is continuing His ministry – one person at a time. As challenging as this can be, we are touching people’s lives – one by one.

We invite you to come and join us in this ministry for our Lord. Whether you are in need of the Lord’s touch for your life or are seeking to share His love you, will be welcomed with open arms. Our church family is growing one person at a time. We hope you will find there is always room for one more. We’re discovering how Jesus is putting together the pieces of our lives so that as a church family we might change the world, with the Lord’s help – one person at a time.

 God Bless,












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